Monday, July 25, 2011

St. Regis, Monarch Beach, CA

Last week Mark & I took a vacation to Laguna Beach, CA.  It was a great trip;  perfect weather, time on the beach, sleeping late - all the fun vacation stuff.  Because we were so close by we decided to drive a few miles down the coast to the St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort.  About 10 years ago the hotel commissioned me to do two large paintings for the lobby, one is behind the reception desk - it about 3-1/2' high x 14' wide.  The other is directly across the lobby and is behind the concierge desk.  I was able to finally see them in place - 10 years later!  They look FABULOUS!!  Unfortunately only one shot came out OK - here's the painting behind the reception desk -

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Art Hamptons, International Fine Art Fair

My work will be on exhibit at this year's Art Hamptons, an international fine art fair July 8-10, 2011.  My gallery in Sag Harbor, NY - Richard J. Demato Fine Art will be exhibiting at the fair.  In addition, he will be exhibiting my work at his gallery in Sag Harbor so it looks like it will be hard to miss seeing my paintings this week in the Hamptons!    Here's a link to Art Hamptons: Art Hamptons.

To see what I'll be showing at both the art fair and at Richard J. Demato go to his website:  Richard J. Demato Fine Arts Gallery.  

Friday, July 1, 2011

Disaster paintings

Last week I was sort of whining in an email to an old friend who is also a VERY good painter about the ongoing smoke from the various fires around us as well as feeling a bit "stuck" as to what to paint next.  Her simple reply was: "paint the smoke".  Good advice and so I did.  After "The Wildfire" was finished I thought about the seemingly endless reports of floods and tornados this spring and early summer so decided to paint those as well. I chose to paint these in a small format - 11"x14" ovals.  I like the kind of vintage look they offer and I also painted them in a monochromatic sepia tone.  I don't want to simply document these events - that's for the documentary photographers.  Rather, I wanted to make these very difficult occurrences appear beautiful and dreamlike for a just a moment.

By the way, please visit my good friend Ricki Klages' website and enjoy her paintings:

The Wildfire, The Flood and The Tornado