Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I joined a group of friends and went to some ancient sites in northern New Mexico this past weekend.  We visited El Morro - also known as Inscription Rock and El Malpais - an area to see ancient lava flows from the now extinct volcano we call Mt. Taylor.  But most of all we went to see Chaco Canyon.  It's an area of ancient ruins left by the people we call the Anasazi but are now referred to as the Chacoan people.  It's pretty much in the middle of nowhere - 20+ miles on a bumpy dirt road keeps the faint of heart (or vehicle) away so you really get a sense of isolation and feeling that things are relatively untouched by modern standards.

The building are all stacked stone - astonishing masonry skills which in some cases are still standing and relatively intact after over 1000 years.  A friend calls this place the "Machu Pichu" of the north.  After being there I think he's right.  It's a complex and extensive system of structures and roads which at it's peak they estimate supported 8000 people.

If you've never gone - you should.  It's worth the hassle to get there.  Here is a link to learn more: Chaco Culture.  Also, here are a few pictures I took --

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  1. I just saw one of your bunny paintings on facebook. I really love it. I just wanted to tell you that. Do you have facebook? My name is Kristin Calabrese (aka Sally Jones) and I'm an artist in Los Angeles (Inglewood, CA)... Anyways, your paintings remind me a bit of Louis Wain (pre schizophrenia) because of the cuteness (which I love), Martin Johnson Heade, and the Audubon paintings... I'm sure you know all these artists' works. Thank you for making the cool stuff!